New Pumping Station at San Francisco

Issue 22 and Volume 51.

New Pumping Station at San Francisco San Francisco recently put into commission a new pumping station, the first one to be installed in connection with the auxiliary water supply system for fire purposes. The building is 100 feet long by 85 feet wide, an its steel frame is one of the heaviestd constructed in San Francisco, 500 tons of steel having been used in it. The building is considered absolutely fireproof. The interior finish throughout is of fireproof materials, with the exception of the shelves in the closets and pantries, the windows are of wired glass in metal frames, and rolling steel shutters are fitted in all openings. The station cost approximately $500,000. The machinery in it consists of eight350 horsepower Babcock & Wilcox water tube toilets, set in batteries of two boilers each, with an independent reinforced concrete smokestack for each battery; four steam turbine-driven, multistage turbine pumps, each…

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