The Two Platoon at Kansas City

Issue 23 and Volume 51.

The Two Platoon at Kansas City Under the long-existing single platoon system the Kansas City (Mo.) fire department consisted of 315 men. Should the double system, or 12 hours a day service, be put into effect June 1, as contemplated, it will call for 471 men, an increase of 156, John C. Egner, chief of the department, reported to the fire and water board. “Estimating the 156 additional men as third grade firemen at $70 a month, or $840 a year each,” says the chief in the report, “it would total $131,040 for additional salaries, or $159,120 additional if these men are made first grade firemen at $1,020 a year each. The department now’ has a number of men who are incapacitated for active work and are assigned on watch and other light duty. Ihe chief indicated some curiosity in his report as to what is to become of these…

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