More About the Baltimore High Pressure System

Issue 23 and Volume 51.

More About the Baltimore High Pressure System The high pressure pipe line system which has been recently installed in Baltimore at a cost of $1,000,000 and which was referred to in last week’s issue of FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING was given its formal test on May 20. The Board Fire Writers will give the system a thorough test, and if it measures up to what is expected, it will probably mean a reduction on insurance rates within the 200 acres of the business district of the city protected by the system. One of the features of the pipe line system is the absence of water plugs. Instead, at intervals of 170 feet, arc man holes. Hie plugs, a picture of which is shown on this page, are carried by the firemen in the motor vans which carry the hose. Each one of these plugs has four connections for hose, and…

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