Issue 25 and Volume 51.

FILTRATION Logansport, Ind., is to construct a filter plant at a cost of $50.000 B. T. Gifford is the engineer in charge. James H. Fuertes, expert sanitary engineer, is in Dallas, Tex., with plans for the proposed new filtration plant. Cleveland, O., is planning a $2,000,000 bond issue for a new filtration plant. An election on the proposition will be held early in September. After a brief address by Water Engineer Whitman. the Board of Estimates has decided to appropriate $15,000 for purifying the water supply of Baltimore by alum process. The money will be used from now to November, a time when typhoid cases show marked increases. A bond issue of $13,000 for a filtration plant to care for waste matter and connect with Hint Creek was passed by residents of Barrington, Ilk, at a special election where the vote was about 3 to 1 in favor of tlte…

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