Issue 25 and Volume 51.

METERAGE Richmond, Ind., is to meter all its water supply. About $20,000 will be expended for meters. During last year St. Paul, Minn., installed 1,500 meters, making a total of 10,774 now in use. Concord, N. H., has 3,738 services and 2,153 meters. 145 meters having been set last year. Springfield, Ill., with about 53,000 population has a daily consumption of about 5,445,057 gallons, or per capita consumption ot 105 gallons. There are 5,867 service tops, and 2,206 meters. The proposals for the new water system at Richmond, Ind., provide that meters shall be furnished consumers without charge and that no meter rental shall be charged. The city reserves the right to inspect all meters. Superintendent W. H. Randall, of the Toronto waterworks, is home front Louisville, where he represented the city at the American Waterworks Association convention. He had the honor of being appointed Canadian member of the waterworks…

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