Motor Fire Apparatus

Issue 26 and Volume 51.

Motor Fire Apparatus Houston, Tex., will soon receive $30,000 worth of motor fire apparatus. The department at Marblehead, Mass., is to have a new motor truck August 1. Chief Keck, of the Greenville, Pa., fire department, now has a motor-driven wagon, propelled by 39 1/2-cylinder. Paterson, N. J., has contracted for a $7,000 automobile combination engine manufactured by the Robinson Company. City councils at Easton, Pa., have adopted a resolution to purchase an auto truck combination chemical engine and hose wagon. The town council of Covington, Va., has authorized the purchase of a combination auto hose and chemical truck to cost about $15,000. A motor-driven runabout for fire duty, equipped with a heavy-duty Armstrong engine, has been presented to Assistant Chief Kingsland, of the Long Branch (N. J.) department. Detroit, Mich., has ordered four motor engines from the Ahrens-Fox Fire Engine Company, of Cincinnati, O., and the same firm is…

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