Detroit Faces Water Famine

Issue 26 and Volume 51.

Detroit Faces Water Famine Moved by the report of Gardner S. Williams, special consulting engineer, who declared that Detroit. Mich., will be confronted with an absolute failure of its water system unless immediate measures are taken to relieve the over taxing of the equipment, the water board has adopted a resolution requesting the common council to loan the board a sum not to exceed $250,000 that action may be taken to obviate the situation. Mr. Williams’ investigation has not yet been completed, but it has progressed far enough to assign as the reason for breaks, an overtaxing of the system in all its parts. For the relief of present conditions and to prevent further injury to the system, Mr. Williams suggested improvements which he estimates will cost $3,921,750. “If financial considerations preclude your honorable body from entering upon the work,” reads the report, “in the opinion of the writer, an…

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