Official Value of Rock Island Water Plant.

Issue 26 and Volume 51.

Official Value of Rock Island Water Plant. Jonas Hear, superintendent of the waterworks at Rock Island, Ill., recently submitted to the mayor and council of that city the following report : “Rock Island is to-day one of that class of cities which possesses a water plant which is a revenue producer. My recent inventory has placed its value at $1,250,000, its improvements and extension come largely under the direction of the board of local improvements, of which Mayor H. M. Schriver is chairman. Our waterworks does a business of $65,000 annually. It furnishes each year enormous quantities of water free to the city schools, city parks, the fire department, and supplies water free for all city buildings and still earns a profit of about $15,000 There are in the neighborhood of .300 fire hydrants. Four parks are furnished free water and unlimited quantities are used in the summer to keep…

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