Issue 1 and Volume 52.

TROY HAS CONFLAGRATION BREEDERS The engineers of the National Board of Fire Underwriters run up their findings following an examination of the fire hazards at Troy. N. Y., as follows: “In the congested value district, the narrow streets, numerous structural weaknesses and the presence of several conflagration breeders make serious fires probable at several points, especially in the section west of River street; the probability is increased by the inefficiency of the fire department and the absence of fire breaks or barriers, so that, although there is much private protection, there is serious danger of a fire destroying a large section of the district. In the manufacturing district the large plants are mainly protected by sprinklers and there is considerable improved construction, so that only group tires are probable, except in the lumber district south of the congested value district, where a serious flying-brand hazard is evident. In the minor…

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