Newly Elected Chiefs

Issue 1 and Volume 52.

Newly Elected Chiefs Hoven, So. Dak.—Charles Seurer. Lockhaven, Pa.—Charles Reed. Iron River, Mich.—John Counihan. Patchogue, N. Y.—Herbert M. Tompkins Tigerton, Wis. — F. Y. King. Lodi, Cal.—G. A. Gerlach. Crosby, Minn. —Alfred Johnson. Livermore, Cal.—P. H. McVicar. Havre, Mont.—Samuel L. Hanley. Santa Clara, Cal. William Loof. Rogers, Tex.—Frank Leahy. Mt. Vernon, So. Dak.—W. J. Baker. Forsyth, Ga.—D. F. Bennett, Jr. Hazelton, Pa.#x2014;Lewis Kepping. Wymore, Neb.—Walter P. Biddle. Alameda, Cal.—Walter J. Steinmetz. Haines, Ore.—I. H. Ziegler. Kasson, Minn.—J. H. Lee. Winchester, Mass.—David H. De Courcey. Havre, Mont.—Samuel L., Hanley. Avon, Ill.—C. S. Crissey. Carthage, Ill.—Irving Mayor. Plaquemine, La.—Philip A. Wilbert.

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