A Few “Nevers” for the Public

Issue 1 and Volume 52.

A Few “Nevers” for the Public The New York state fire marshal, Thomas J. Ahearn, calls the attention of the public to the little careless things that cause many fires, destroy many homes and cost many precious lives. It is the duty of every citizen to make an effort to minimize this evil as much as possible, and for that purpose a careful perusal of the following suggestions and a general compliance with the same in a spirit of sincere co-operation is earnestly recommended: Never put your trust in a fireproof building—remember that the contents are not fireproof. Never insure your property for more than its value. Never permit a stove to be set up without a metal protection being placed on the floor under the stove. Never permit a stove pipe to come in contact with a partition—see to it that there is an open space around it. Never…

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