Issue 1 and Volume 52.

“A SKYSCRAPER DISASTER THAT WILL STAGGER HUMANITY” “The Titanic was unsinkable—yet she went down; our skyscrapers are unburnable—yet we shall have a skyscraper disaster which will stagger humanity.” It was no alarmist who was talking to me, no uninformed and irresponsible prophet of ill-omen, no man not qualified to know whereof he spoke. On the contrary, the man speaking was that one of all others in New York who may rightfully be thought most able to make reasonable prophecy —the Chief Inspector of Buildings for Manhattan Bureau, Alfred Ludwig. The phrase impressed me. “Which will stagger humanity!” Those were the words which Oom Paul Kruger used when predicting the cost to England of the South African war. In that case they were fulfilled. It is difficult to imagine any catastrophe other than war, which could come nearer to “staggering humanity” again than would a real disaster to one of New…

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