Tobacco Warehouse Burned at Richmond, Va.

Issue 1 and Volume 52.

Tobacco Warehouse Burned at Richmond, Va. In writing to FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING concerning the destruction of the E. K. Vietor & Co. Tobacco Warehouse at Richmond, Va., Chief W . H. Joynes says: “The building, which is located in the extreme southern part of Richmond, cover a ground space of 60 x 100 ft. It was 22 ft. high and was built about ten years ago of brick with tar-papered roof. There were brick partition walls with open arches. The building was equipped with sprinkler attachment, but there were no other means upon the premises for fighting fire. The fire, which was discovered by the engineer at 2:15 p. m., started from a tobacco dryer near the north end, and after burning one hour, it was stopped in the center. An alarm from Station 629 called out one third size La France and one Knox motor engine. There were…

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