Issue 1 and Volume 52.

FILTRATION St. Cloud, Minn., hopes soon to install a filtration plant for its well supply. Jackson, Miss., is moving in the direction of the filtration of its water supply. A 4,000,000-gallon gravity filter plant is being installed by the Scotia Falls (N. Y.) Water Company. The Retimate Filter Corporation of Plymouth and Portland, Me., has been formed with a capital of $19,000. The water in the Welland river (Chippewa creek), according to Superintendent Collins, of the Niagara Falls (Ont.) waterworks department, is, on being tested by the provincial analyst in Toronto, found to lie infected with intestinal bacteria, and calls for filtration. Water filtered at the new Ogdensburg, N. Y, filtration plant recently constructed by the city was turned into the water mains for the first time last week. The new supply marks the end of the Oswegatchie river as a source of water, as the present supply is taken…

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