Issue 1 and Volume 52.

FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING The propagation of rubber in the United States is at present receiving the attention of men conversant with that product. Henry C. Pearson, editor of the India Rubber World, than whom there is no better authority on rubber, its growth and its uses, in the current number of his magazine, discusses the subject from a scientific standpoint. Mr. Pearson recently returned from the West Indies, where, he says, the rubber planters have just awakened to the fact that quite a number of their trees which they believed were pure Hevea Brasiliensis, have proved to be hybrids, and they are therefore considerably disturbed because it suggests the possibility of hybridization, or cross fertilization, or grafting, which would enable some variety of the rubber-producing tree to be grown in the southerly sections of this country. “Hybridization seems to be the general law of the rubber family,” says Mr.…

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