Recent Patents

Issue 1 and Volume 52.

Recent Patents 1,028,940. Sprinkler-nozzle. Rudolph M. Hunter, Philadelphia, Pa. 1,029,179. Automatic fire-alarm apparatus. Garrett F. Emch, Woodville, O. 1,029,277. Fire-extinguishing apparatus. Edwin T. and Edwin W. Copeland, New York. 1,028,247. Automatic sprinkler closer. Leonard D. Morey, Watertown, Conn., assignor of one-half to Julius H. Bronson, Waterbury, Conn. 1,028,453. Fire-escape. John Barricn Glover, Brooklyn, N. Y. 1,028,481. Branch connection for meter-testing machines. Philip Mueller. Decatur, Ill., assignor to H. Mueller Manufacturing Co., same place. 1,028,687. Fire-escape. Vincenzo Denaro, Newtown, 1,025,227. Apparatus for measuring volume of flowing water, etc. Thomas B. Wylie. Ilaysville. Pa. 1,025,358. Liquid meter. Harley Clifford Alger, Chicago Heights, Ill. 1,025,622. Treatment of sewage-sludge. Jacob Grossmann. Manchester, England. 1,029,715. Hose-coupling. Harry B. Robinson, Muskegon, Mich. 1,029,768. Fire-escape. Fritz Schneider, Madretsch, Switzerland. 1,029,769. Fire-escape. William H. Smith, Gayhead, N. Y. 1,029,819. Hose-coupling. John Nylander, Muskegon. Mich. 1,029,909. Spray-nozzle. Edward C. Brown, Rochester, N. Y.

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