New Type Water Protection

Issue 1 and Volume 52.

New Type Water Protection When a fire starts the average man’s first thought is water. Water is the oldest of fire extinguishing agents and everyone knows how to use water. Because of this many property owners put an implicit faith, which is not misplaced, in barrels and buckets. These have many disadvantages, hut these disadvantages appear to have been overcome in an arrangement that the flour mill mutual insurance companies are suggesting to all of their policyholders. The device consists of a 50-gallon galvanized iron tank with a conical cover that fits closely but won’t stick. The idea of the conical shape is to prevent the piling of tools, clothes and other impediment upon the device. One fire bucket is inverted on this cover and two others are suspended inside by hooks, riveted into the sides of the tank at the top. The tank is filled with a calcium chloride…

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