Electric Hand Searchlights

Issue 1 and Volume 52.

Electric Hand Searchlights Among the most useful devices recently in vented for fire department use may be classed an electric hand searchlight and helmet lamp. Samples of these were shown and demonstrations of them made at the convention of the New York State Fire Chiefs at Albany last week, which created a most favorable impression. The elimination of the old and cumbersome lantern seems well-night at hand, as this new electric searchlight may be carried in a fireman’s pocket and called into service at any time light may be required. As it emits a strong, piercing light it may be used with success in places filled with smoke Its reflector gives a strong, semi-focusing ray and is so designed as to increase the size of the spot light in proportion to the distance. At 50 yards, the area of illumination is about 20 feet in diameter. These almost indispensable appliances…

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