Polluted River Waters

Issue 6 and Volume 52.

Polluted River Waters George L. Robinson, member of the American Society of Civil Engineers, contributes an article to the New York Times on “Polluted River Waters” and offers some important suggestions to destroy the unsanitary effect. Mr. Robinson says: It would seem from reading the reports of the various commissions and engineers on harbor and river pollution that the chief cause of danger to the health of the people of the city is the fact that vast amounts of decomposing organic matter remain floating about the ends of docks and bulkheads at which the outfall sewers discharge. There are three reasons fur this: First, the tides do not permit a continued flow in one direction; second, the piers and bulkheads cause eddies and hack currents, which develop the accumulation of floating matter in the slips; third, the sewers are not extended far enough into the river to give anything like…

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