A Hot Time in Springfield

Issue 6 and Volume 52.

A Hot Time in Springfield Springfield, Mass., literally had a hot time oil July 4 and 5, and only the efficiency of its motor fire equipment saved it from very serious fire loss, probably from a conflagration. Chief Daggett’s experiences of the two days is as follows: “On the 4th we had a total of 18 alarms, which were scattered all over the city, while on the 5th, 12 alarms were rung in, of which half were received in rapid succession between noon and 4 o’clock in the afternoon, necessitating such rapid response on the part of the department that the apparatus on several occasions did not have time to return to the engine houses between calls. The total mileage for the two days’ fires from the main fire headquarters was over 50 with the thermometer hovering around the 90s on both days, one can readily imagine what would have…

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