More Mains for Detroit

Issue 6 and Volume 52.

More Mains for Detroit It is contended that Detroit, Mich., is trying to supply a city of half a million inhabitants through mains sufficient only for one of 200,000 population. The result has been frequent burstings of the mains for which reason Professor Gardner S. Williams of Ann Arbor recommends that more mains should be laid at once to keep pace with the growth of the city. Detroit supplies 118,012 families with water. Using as a multiplier the average of 4,586 adopted by the hoard this gives a total population of 541,216. Professor Williams holds that sudden changes in pressure of water were more than certain sections of pipe could hear and recommended chemical tests of iron compositions entering into the construction of water mains. As he put it: “The causes of the numerous breaks have been the shocks caused by the rapid change in the velocity of the water…

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