Query: Cause and Effect?

Issue 6 and Volume 52.

Query: Cause and Effect? In the course of an address delivered before the recent meeting of the Ohio State Fire Prevention Association, J. B. Felber, president of the Felber Moving Picture School Company, of Cleveland, O., pointed out that most moving picture theatre fires were due to the inexperience of operators and urged co-operation of the insurance men to bring about a higher standard. He declared that motor operation of pictures was safer than hand operation, but the presence of the operator in the booth at all times was essential to safety. By the irony of fate, as it might seem, Joseph Kotrdilk, a man of 26 years of age, has just been arrested in Mr. Felber’s own city of Cleveland for setting fire to and.causing the total destruction of the $100,600 Warren School building. Kotrdilk confessed that he set. the fire after having witnessed a moving picture show of…

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