Issue 6 and Volume 52.

FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING The ideas as to fire protection entertained by some of the citizens of Gadsden, Ala., must be at least peculiar, and that not least in the business section of the city, where above all the ut-most caution should rule. The local Fire Prevention Society’s inspectors report that they found in some places, especially in the establishments where clothes were pressed, open vessels of gasoline, with employes standing around smoking cigarettes. In another place a leaking oil can was found standing on a pile of excelsior. Metal flues also abounded, and many devices provocative of starting and helping the spread of a blaze were discovered. Apparently Gadsden either has no fire chief, or if there is one he is powerless to prevent such abuses. Nearly half a million people, both in Canada and on the American side, pour their sewage, either by sewers or by surface drainage,…

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