Where the Responsibility Lies

Issue 6 and Volume 52.

Where the Responsibility Lies President R. M. Scott, of the National Mutual Fire Insurance Association, has asked for a receiver for that corporation. It does a considerable amount of business in Pittsburg, Kan., and other cities in that state and, as its president claims, has lost in two months of this year almost as much by fires as the average annual loss of the association. This, the officers of the company declare, is the result of the deliberate burning of their homes by the members of the association in order to collect the insurance. In fact, says President Scott, “incendiarism is becoming as common in Kansas as was bank robbery a few years ago.” For this the officers of the association assert that the “laws and the courts of Kansas are responsible. They have educated, fostered and protected a vicious and criminal element that is burning out the insurance companies…

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