Issue 6 and Volume 52.

METERAGE Salem, Mass., has only 240 meters in service. Out of 12,300 water users in Youngstown, only 2,500 have their supply metered. James T. Day, commissioner of public works at La Crosse, Wis., advocates the compulsory installation of meters in that city. At present only 40 per cent, of the water takers use such a common sense arrangement for the prevention of water waste and for paying only for such water as the consumer uses. Thirty years ago the first meter was installed in Omaha, Neb. Now the water board is to contract for meters in “carload lots,” and will purchase enough for every consumer in Omaha, South Omaha, East Omaha, Dundee and Morence. When these are installed the flat rate will be a thing of the past. Atlantic City, N. J., with a normal population of 46,000 and a summer population of 150,000 to 200,000, consumes 2,952,322,079 gallons of…

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