The Unfiltered Water of Pittsburgh

Issue 7 and Volume 52.

The Unfiltered Water of Pittsburgh The Pittsburgh, Pa., Chronicle-Telegraph expatiates editorially on the benefits conferred by a copious rainfall upon that portion of the Greater Pittsburgh population living outside the zone of filtered water. It points out that while: “The drinker on the southern side of the Allegheny turns with disgust and scorn from the substance that oozes through the pipes in the unfiltered section, but to your true Alleghenian it is both meat and drink, and he thankfully gulps it down. He thus satisfies thirst and hunger between meals, and when seated at the table he enjoys (with the addition of a little flavoring) coffee of nature’s own making, the warmed-up rich brown liquid that comes to his home through the pipes that were originally intended to supply clear water for consumers. Indeed, it is a matter of common report and belief that, with the aid of a few…

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