Why the Hydrant Was Not Used

Issue 11 and Volume 52.

Why the Hydrant Was Not Used The members of the Huntington (L. I.), N. Y., fire department and the superintendent of local waterworks recently clashed over the question of a hydrant immediately in front of the waterworks building, the roof of which was on fire. The fire department had been called out and had stretched hose from the hydrant in question, when the superintendent of the waterworks plant ordered them away, and they had to go four blocks away to find another hydrant which they could utilize to fight the roof blaze. Meanwhile the flames .were spreading and the firemen, who had obeyed the order to betake themselves to another hydrant, had succeeded in reaching the roof with their hose only to find that the waterworks employes had extinguished the fire. Then they indignantly interviewed the superintendent and demanded an explanation or his conduct in forbidding them to use the…

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