The Hetch-Hetchy Water System

Issue 11 and Volume 52.

The Hetch-Hetchy Water System When once, the Federal Government recognizes the claims of San Francisco to have the HetchHetchy water system’s project carried out, work will begin upon it. When completed, San Francisco water supply will claim to be the finest in the world. The water will come from the Sierra mountains, and as its source is the melted snows from these peaks there can be no fear of contamination. The works will be on a gigantic scale. The Hetch-Hetchy dam alone will cost nearly $2,000,000. To build it will necessitate the construction of a railroad from Chinese Camp to the site, and for three or four years some 5,000 men with at least 200 inspectors and engineers to overlook them. The entire aqueduct system will be 171 miles long and the pipe will be 10 feet in diameter.

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