Fire Department Doings

Issue 11 and Volume 52.

Fire Department Doings The estimated losses by fire in the United States and Canada, reported for the week ending September 9, amounted to $3,138,000. A. I. Olding has been re-elected chief of the fire department of Redfield, S. Dak. The Birmingham, Ala., firemen ask for every sixth day off, instead of every tenth, as at present. A number of leading business men of Ellisville, Mississippi, have organized a volunteer fire department. A substitute negro fireman of Indianapolis, having shirked his work, was dropped, but not on account of his color. Chief Burrell, of Leominster, Mass., is extending the fire alarm service where there have not been any boxes and where there is property valued at $50,000. Durham, N. C., has abolished the system whereby paid runners to fires were paid a total of $60 per month. All of them drew their pay, hut all did not run. More full paid…

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