Issue 11 and Volume 52.

FILTRATION The water of Sweetwater lake will be subjected to the operations of a chemical filtration plant of up-to-date type, and pumped into Devil’s lake, N. Dak. George Wieghardt has been selected as designing engineer on the proposed mechanical filtration plant which Mr. George W. Fuller, consulting engineer, of New 5 ork, has recommended for the city of Baltimore. Mr. Wieghardt was formerly on the engineering staff of the Baltimore Sewerage Commission. The medical officer of health at Ottawa, Ont., now pronounces the city water fit for drinking and that bacteriological tests during the last few weeks show that it is free from contamination. He adds: “The causative reason for typhoid has now been removed and every precaution has been taken to protect the all-steel intake pipe, which is now being used exclusively.” Covering slow sand filters at Providence, R. I., has effected a substantial reduction in the cost of…

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