Issue 12 and Volume 52.

THE DENVER CONVENTION Indications Point to a Successful Meeting of International Association of Fire Engineers (Special to FIRE AND WATKS ENOINKBSIMG.) Denver, Colo., Monday, Sept. 16, 1912. The “Fire Chiefs Special” over the Delaware and Blackman, Lake Shore, Chicago, Milwaukeekee and St. Paul and Union Pacific railroads arrived to-day, on schedule time after a most satisfactory trip. In looking over the register of the association it looks well for an average attendance, and successful meeting. The principal types of motor apparatus are already on the floor of the auditorium and make a fine showing, but the fire appliance end of the exhibition is not so well represented. Many exhibitors have yet to arrange their goods so that a fair estimate cannot be given at present of the number and extent of the apparatus and supplies that will ultimately form the show. Secretary McFall and Official Stenographer Hart were early on…

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