The Fall Season and Its Fires

Issue 12 and Volume 52.

The Fall Season and Its Fires With the advent of the fall season, unless due care is observed by janitors and housewives, there will be the wonted increase in fires, and not least in the country districts. The days will be chilly and it will he necessary to light fires in grates, stoves and heating apparatus. But before this is done, in every case care should be taken to see that there are no accumulations of soot in the chimney and that there are no defective joinings in the flues through which fire may creep unsuspectingly round beams, paneling or skirting boards. In the case, also, of open grate fires, the careful housewife will see to it that before any kindling is lit up. there are no scraps of waste paper, cotton batting, or oth^r inflammable stuff that will blaze up and cause sparks to fall upon the shingles of…

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