Issue 12 and Volume 52.

PITTSFIELD DOUBLES ITS WATER SUPPLY After a seven years’ struggle with an inadequate water supply, Pittsfield, Mass, through the completion of the great Farnhatn dam on October mountain, the second highest dam in New England. will double its present water supply and provide for the needs of the city for 15 years to come. Once full the Farnhatn reservoir will supply, the city without replenishing for 130 days. Thg system, with the dam and reservoir as the base of supply, will eventually cost the city more than $1,000,600, and will combine several new lines of piping from the mountain, eight miles away, with a circle of 20-inch water main about the city. The notable generosity of Pittsfield in the matter of appropriations for water, sewers and schools has been illustrated in the expenditure already of $750,000, or its equivalent, for the dam, the reservoir, added water mains on the mountain…

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