Issue 12 and Volume 52.

FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING This issue of FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING is largely given over to the thirty-first anniversary of the New England Water Works Association whose annual convention is now in session in Washington, D. C., the proceeding of which may be looked for in subsequent issues. To repeat what we have been accustomed to saying for several years—that this organization ranks among the foremost bodies of technical engineers in the country, is merely reviving a fact that is generally recognized. Like all scientific organizations its inception and growth has not been without persistent and conscientious labor on the part of its members, many of whom have been summoned from its ranks by the march of time, while others have been spared to commemorate the thirty-first anniversary of its birth. With Salem the city of its nativity, and the revered John W. Lyon, its godfather, the New England Water…

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