The Volunteer and the Paid Fireman

Issue 12 and Volume 52.

The Volunteer and the Paid Fireman The Roanoke, Va., Times thus contrasts the volunteer and the paid firemen of to-day : “Unquestionably the paid departments are the more effective. Instances have been known of property worth thousands of dollars destroyed in crackling flames while willing volunteers ran about helpless for lack of a spanner with which to open a water plug. But the paid and disciplined men never know the joy of the volunteer lire fighter with all his occasional looseness of method and sometime insubordination and tendency to turn his hose stream away from the flames and against his rivals, or to drop nozzle and use his fists or bend his trumpet on the head of some competitor too zealous. Even in the volunteer departments of the present time with their improved apparatus, gravity systems of water supply and steamers, the men do not know the delight of being…

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