Wrought Iron Versus Steel Pipe

Issue 12 and Volume 52.

Wrought Iron Versus Steel Pipe In a recent edition of its pamphlet, “Wrought Iron Pipe Versus Steel Pipe,” the Reading Iron Company makes some additions to the text, particularly under the heads of “Accelerated Corrosion Tests” and “Physical Tests.” In support of the view that the respective losses of specimens of iron and steel immersed in acid solutions are not a reliable index of their relative resistance to corrosion, quotations are made from various sources. Among the citations are one from a paper by Dr. Cecil H. Desch before the West of Scotland Iron and Steel Institute and one from a report on accelerated corrosion tests by R. C. McBride, Youngstown, Ohio. A quotation is also made from an article by Bradley Stoughton in the Engineering Magazine of July, 1911, in which the writer says that in an accelerated test the action is so rapid that slight obstacles to corrosion…

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