As to Roofs in Austin

Issue 12 and Volume 52.

As to Roofs in Austin The board of fire commissioners of Austin. Tex., has been discussing of late the question of fire prevention in that city, especially with reference to the prohibition of certain classes of inflammable construction. In the matter of frame buildings and roofs there were, of course, no doubt as to the condemnation of those constructed of wood or roofed with shingles. These were emphatically condemned and prohibited for all times. The condemnation and prohibition, however, were extended and made to hold good with respect to buildings of sheet iron and tin roofs not covered with a sufficiently thick coating of tar and gravel. For the future no such structures will be allowed within the limits of the city, and it is recommended that an ordinance shall be passed requiring that all roofs shall be of metal properly protected, tile, slate or asbestos. Such reasonable provisions, it…

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