Fire Tests of Partitions for Buildings

Issue 14 and Volume 52.

Fire Tests of Partitions for Buildings The Division of Buildings, of the Department of Public Safety, Cleveland, Ohio, has conducted a series of tests of different types of partitions for buildings to ascertain their resistance to fire and to the subsequent action of streams of water from fire hose. The panels were 10 x 8 feet, built into steel frames hinged so as to be swung against an opening in a furnace fired by oil. The fire test was for two hours, after which the panel was swung back and a stream of water was thrown on it for one minute from a hose connected to a city hydrant and having a lV&-inch nozzle. The tests were made under the direction of a committee appointed by V. D. Allen, Inspector of Buildings. The committee was composed of I… H. Miller, an engineer ot the Bethlehem Steel Company; Professor Nelson, of…

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