The Salmon River Dam

Issue 14 and Volume 52.

The Salmon River Dam Ten miles from Pulaski, N. Y., and about a mile above the Salmon River Falls the Salmon river dam is to be constructed. The spot chosen for the purpose affords a first-class anchorage without any great amount of drilling, although, if deemed advisable by the chief engineer, there may be a four-foot or deeper excavation of the river bed. The dam, which will be of concrete will have a five hundred foot spillway. Including the intake, which will also he of concrete, its length will he six hundred and fifteen feet; its width at bottom fifty fe t sloping upward to ten feet at the top; its height from the river bed will be forty-five feet. A concrete tunnel, six hundred feet in length and twelve feet in diameter, will run beneath the south bank of the river southwesterly to Altman, whence a pipeline will be…

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