Water Works Systems at Parkersburg

Issue 14 and Volume 52.

Water Works Systems at Parkersburg Parkersburg, W. Va., has two waterworks systems in successful operation, each of which derives its supply from the Ohio river and each of which furnishes excellent water. One plant is municipally owned; the other is operated by the Parkersburg Ice & Coal Company. The city water is secured from the river through a system of natural sand filtration; the private system employs the old English or crib system, which was adopted after the use of the raw water had caused the company not only to renew its pipes from time to time, but also parts of its machinery. After a series of bacteriological and chemical tests of water taken from different points in the river, the proper location for a crib was found. No cofferdam was used during the progress of the excavation of the sandbar at that point. This spot, when the river is…

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