Texas and Its Moving Picture Shows

Issue 14 and Volume 52.

Texas and Its Moving Picture Shows Among the requirements for moving picture machine booth construction and equipment, issued as advisory by the Texas State Insurance Board are the following: “Frame to be constructed of 1 1/2-inch angle T or channel iron, bolted or riveted together, all sides, top and bottom, and covered with sheet iron (No. 20 to 24 B. & S. gauge), all seams to be double locked (no solder to be used), or cement plaster on metal lath or expanded metal. Booth should he about 6 feet long by 6 feet wide by 6 feet high for one machine (or 6 by 8 for two machines), and should be ventilated from the top and near the center through a metal pipe not less than 10 inches in diameter and run to the outside of the building. An exhaust fan may be placed in this pipe to draw the…

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