Issue 17 and Volume 52.

METERAGE At Spokane, Wash., during the first six months of the present year, 2,510 meters were set, bringing up the total number of meters set in the city up to July 1, to 6,849, as against 4,339 on January 1, last. Mayor Charles Ashley, of New Bedford, Mass., and W. H. Williams, former city engineer of that city, declare that the meter system has worked out satisfactorily and has resulted in a lessening of the amount of the water rents. Kenosha, Wis., has created a new ofhce, that of water inspector, whose duty is to keep account of the water used in the sprinkling systems in the city’s factories. Meterage of each sprinkling system would be not only handier, but also more reliable all around. Why there should be any opposition to metering the water in Philadelphia, is a something not to be understood, especially in the face of what…

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