Good Work of a Martin Tractor

Issue 17 and Volume 52.

Good Work of a Martin Tractor One of the most remarkable demonstrations of motor truck efficiency was recently made in San Francisco, when one of the Knox Automobile Company’s “Martin” tractors drew two immense pieces of timber, each 90 feet in length and 20 inches square, through the city streets. The total weight of the lumber was 10 tons, and the total length of tractor and load, 102 feet. The tractor, being able to make sharp right-angle turns, had no difficulty in rounding the corners and working its way through the traffic. Lumber merchants have been waiting for a long time for a motor truck which could be lengthened or shortened to suit the length of the timber to he drawn; also some method which would allow the motive power to be kept busy while the loadcarrying part was being loaded or unloaded, the contention being that it is not…

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