Sprinkler System Not Up to Date

Issue 17 and Volume 52.

Sprinkler System Not Up to Date The flour mill of the Berger-Crittenden Milling Co., of Milwaukee, Wis., was recently destroyed by fire. Two causes helped on its total destruction. In the first place, it is claimed that the blaze originated from an overheated shafting, and it is further claimed that no notice of the trouble was given, nor was the mill shut down. Instead, a bucket of water was thrown on the flames, which spread rapidly over the rope-transmission to all parts of the building. In the second place, although outside witnesses declared that practically all the sprinklers were working, but. owing to the sprinkling equipment being so poor and the flames so fierce, the former were powerless to stop the course of the fire. The original sprinkler system was a Walworth equipment installed in 1888. In 1893 the Walworth heads were removed and Grinned heads installed on the old…

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