Horrible Fate of a Boy

Issue 17 and Volume 52.

Horrible Fate of a Boy Alfred Dwyer, a 15-year-old boy of Jersey City, N. J., met with an agonizing death in the film box room of a moving picture show on October 5. While it was through his own fault in climbing into the box-like arrangement where the films were being reeled off, it was certainly the business of the operator of the reel or some other person in authority in the show building not to have afforded the lad the opportunity to force his way into a portion of the structure where no one but the man in charge of the films had any right to be. For this reason, therefore, the operator, Samuel Heller, and John Hecker, the owner of the picture show, have been arrested on a charge of manslaughter. It appears, according to the operator, the lad climbed up into the box where the films are…

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