Issue 19 and Volume 52.

WATER PURIFICATION FROM OTHER THAN HYGIENIC ASPECT In addition to hygienic purity, a perfectly satisfactory water supply should be of good appearance as to absence of mud, vegetable stain, grosser microscopic organisms, soluble and suspended iron; and it should also be free of offensive tastes and odors, excessive hardness and abnormal corrosive action on service pipes. Within certain reasonable limits, depending upon local conditions, all of these characteristics are worth oh taining in a first-class modern water supply. In fact, the standards of “physical and chemical quality” as distinguished from “hygienic or bacterial quality” are steadily growing higher, due to the demands of the consumers for a supply in which there is public confidence and which docs away with bottled water and household devices for treating the public supply. Indirectly, this question is related to the public health through the tendency of the public to avoid for drinking purposes a…

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