Ahrens-Fox Company to Build Motors

Issue 19 and Volume 52.

Ahrens-Fox Company to Build Motors The Ahrens-Fox Fire Engine Co., of Cincinnati, is installing machinery for the building of its own motors, and when the installation is complete will manufacture its motor pumping engines and combination vehicles complete. There is only one other firm in the country in the same line of business which claims to do this. Most of the other builders of motor apparatus buy either the chassis or the motor, and some buy both, and assemble the parts along more or less original lines. The determination of the Cincinnati concern to build its own equipment complete is an example of the tendency of the times, however, as it assures rigid control and supervision over the material and make of the parts, and makes for standardization of both the parts and the completed output. The company also is preparing to pet out a chemical extinguisher ot its own…

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