Motor Fire Apparatus

Issue 19 and Volume 52.

Motor Fire Apparatus Canton, O., has new auto fire truck. Scranton, Pa., has three new auto trucks for its fire department. Little Rock, Ark., has a new auto truck for its fire department. Nashville, Tenn., has three new auto engines bought for $9,000 apiece. An auto engine has been purchased by the fire department of Petaluma, Cal. Jackson, Miss., has a new auto engine which has just been officially tested. Two auto tire trucks have been purchased by the Charlotte, N. C., fire department. The fire company of Windsor, Mich., is considering the purchase of an aulo engine. Corry, Pa., has added a new Seagrave automobile truck to its fire-fighting equipment. The fire department of Springfield, O., has purchased a 90-horsepuwer auto pumping engine. A new auto combination fire truck has been added to the equipment of the Middleboro, Mass., fire company. A new auto engine for Norwalk, O., has…

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