Issue 19 and Volume 52.

VALUE OF LIME FOR WATER PURIFICATION Lime for water treatment is valuable in proportion to its percentage of water soluble calcium oxide, but its value is diminished disproportionately by the presence of inert materials natural to the stone—magnesia, alumina, silica— and unburnt stone, although for other purposes these materials may be nearly harmless if not positively beneficial, Hydrated lime has been used by numerous railroad and commercial softening plants and in some smaller cities, but its relatively high cost, the difficulty of feeding it in a large way, and the abundance of dust liberated in handling it have limited its application. In most of the larger plants quick lime is used. The present discussion relates to the vagaries of specifications for the purchase of this latter material. A contract based solely upon the percentage of lime in deliveries is unjust to the purchaser, in that he pays at contract rate…

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