New Directors of I. A. F. E.

Issue 19 and Volume 52.

New Directors of I. A. F. E. H. F. Magee. chief of the Dallas fire department and president of the International Association of Fire Kngineers, has just made the announcement of names of members of the new board of directors, which the president of the association apopints each year. Those named are F. J. Wagner, chief of the Washington (D. C.) department; W. B. Cummings, chief of the Atlanta (Ga.) department, and A. B. Ten Eyck, chief of the Hamilton (Out.) department. The board is composed of four members and the president constitutes the fourth member. Harry L. Marston, chief of the Brockton (Mass.) department, has been named as chairman of the exhibit committee by President Magee. The board of directors meets in New York City in March to arrange dates and plans for the next annual convention of the association, which is to be held here next fall. Princeton,…

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